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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Trip North -- Part 2

August 15th, a Saturday...

From Crane Flat campground in Yosemite to Davis. 

I woke up after a long night of waking up periodically, and also having a reflux event, to hear people walking up the gravely road to the bathrooms.  Bang Bang!  It's the bathroom doors!  Finally figured it out!

The view of the sky.

The view of me.

The flying yellow stinging insects were back so we packed up and left, intending to make breakfast along the way at a picnic ground.  But we did not.

Here is a very low lake, I think it is the Don Pedro Reservoir.  With no cell service I was unable to get the three caches in the parking lot here, sadly!

We passed through many of the small "gold" towns and found geocaches in each county. A cache at the train museum in Jamestown was special, as was the cache at the Shay locomotive in Sonora.

This was one of my goals, the powerhouse at Folsom.  Huell Howser visited it on one of his TV road trips and wanted to go there too. And of course there is a geocache there!

We stopped by the walking bridge over the American River at CSU Sacramento (which for some reason I thought was UCDavis...)  There turned out to be a cache there, but that was just a bonus, it's a cool bridge.

We spent the night at a Day's Inn in Davis.

August 16th, a Sunday

From Davis to Novato.

We got up and had our continental breakfast, then walked to a nearby geocache that sounded cute.  And it was.  Then we headed over to the Arboretum at UC Davis.  A long walk looking at many kinds of trees.  It was relatively cool, shady in many parts, and very peaceful on a Sunday morning!  We were not able to walk the whole way because I gave out!

One of the very shady cool parts.  There are also a lot of ducks in some parts, and they fly along the water very low.  Very cool!

We headed south to get more counties and stopped in Rio Vista.  We read about Humphrey the Whale here.  I must admit I had forgotten about Humphrey.

We were going to cross on that bridge, the Rio Vista Bridge, so I had to take several pictures of it!

Too bad there wasn't a big ship coming through so they would raise it!

View from a park below the bridge.

Crossing, crossing, we're finally crossing!

After quite a drive, and more yellow flying stinging-type insects at a geocache, and a couple more bridges, we got to Antioch to checkout the railroad ferry Solano.  It sank some years ago, but there it sits. Matt came up with a lot of these cool side trips!

We stopped in to visit Matt's friend in Berkeley.  We went to lunch at Perdition Smokehouse.  This is an example of a desert found there.  No, I did NOT have a piece, I can assure my doctor!

We walked around the bayside area, I saw this lightship.  I've always had a thing for lightships.  Matt was unfamiliar with them, not having been provided books about such things as a youth.

Matt's friend had this tire in his back yard for his dog to chew on.  I just thought it was an interesting tire, I had never heard of a tubeless "dual sport" trials-type tire before.

We crossed over the bay on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

And we ended up spending the night at the Day's Inn in Novato.

Here ends Part 2 of our tale.

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Deanne said...

Great pictures as always. I forgot about Humphrey the whale too! Such a huge story back in the day. Been to UC Davis a couple of times---for a concert(the Fixx) and for a frat party. LOL! My neighbors' daughter will be attending in the Fall. Lynn will be driving Mady up on the 18th of Sept. Mady is really looking forward to it. She went up their for orientation and loved the campus & met quite a few people there. I think she'll miss San Diego more than she thinks she will though. The yellow stinging insects sound horrible! Was fun to see the pics of Yosemite. Haven't been there since 1986! We stayed at a little hotel in a small town before you head into Yosemite, Groveland. We really need to take Jacob there. Was is busy out there? With all the talk about the plague (and about a year a go or two they had that other thing that was going around because of the rat droppings) and the tourists that died from a falling tree branch---I thought maybe "business" would be a bit slow out there. ANYWAy-cool that you saw the bear. I have seen bears there before when I went in high school but when John & I went we only saw deer.All in all, looks like you had a great trip around northern CA. Didn't stop in Stockton I see. LOL!

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