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Friday, August 07, 2015

Out To The Rancho Then Down To The Town

First we drove out to Rancho San Diego so Phil could get some ideas to fix up his yard.

A reflecting ball at the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College.

Then we went down to see the turntable, 'cause, you know, TRAINS!

Phil and I walking up Pacific Highway just after taking the next picture.

I couldn't resist a selfie in front of the circus cars, especially since they so nicely left the gate in the fence open. No, I am not on railroad property!

Some circus cars behind the turntable.  There is the San Diego library back there! And a bit of Petco Park!

 This image has a file size of around 800k!

We visited Bob (Who is looking surprisingly well!) for an hour or two, then went to Jack In The Box on the way home.

And lastly I thought I would share a couple of "signs" I made for Facebook.

Odd that no one shared them.

At least I got a few "likes"!

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Anonymous said...

You have to cook the tortilla on the stove, brown it a little. They're too pasty like that! And add some beans, boy!

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