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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Trip North -- Part 1.5

Posting the rest of the pictures for August 13th, now that I have a working computer.  Speaking of, I would HIGHLY recommend that youse guys get some kind of backup regime going.  I was EXTREMELY depressed to think I had lost all my family pictures, not to mention all my cat pics. Oh, and my access links and various other very important things.

Little Lake in Inyo county, along the 395.

This one was taken on the way to Mammoth, according to the image number, but there isn't any smoke in view.  Huh.

There was a fire somewhere to the west, I'm not sure where.  We could smell it.  This is the left image of two.

And this is the right image of two.

Driving either towards Mammoth or away from Mammoth, but definitely in the Mammoth area! Lots of trees!

A view spot overlooking Mono Lake.  There is, of course, a geocache up there.

Obligatory selfie, taken a couple days before I swore off selfies for 24 hours.

Mono Lake panorama.  Lots of shadows from the mountains immediately to the west.  The lake was MUCH closer to the mountains than I had imagined.

Mono Lake.  Mud, flies, and wind.  Pretty cool!

Well, that's it for Part 1.5!

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