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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Morning Muggles

I went geocaching this morning near the airport, then near (but not in) Liberty Station (where I saw the first car below(NOT in Liberty Station, near!)), then in the Midway district, then Kearney Mesa, then Tierrasanta.  Then I went home.

One cache required a bottle of water to float the cache container within reach.  I'm sure glad I read the cache description, for a change, and was prepared!

Here is my (edited) log for another cache: 
I parked way down the street and around the corner. Coming up the sidewalk I saw someone way up there, very near the GZ, who looked like they were "watering" their dog in the bushes. I started walking slower and slower, hoping they would move on. They did not. I started planning my "treasure hunt" spiel. I got closer and realized it was J.! Well, we joined forces and eventually made the find. I was look around at stuff and thought out loud, "I wonder if anyone has ever done such-and-such." And it turned out that is just what they did here! What fun! Thanks for the cache!

So the Grand Total for the day is thirteen caches found, and two not found.

Jaguar XK-150

I saw this in the Midway District. Nearby was the Hancock Street Cafe, which looked very interesting.  I'll have to go in there sometime.

Late 40s Lincoln

I tried posting this animated GIF on Facebook, but sadly the FB does not doe animated GIFs.  \
DISCLAIMER:  No, I didn't make it, I just found it somewhere.

This is the static thumbnail image.  Click on it to see the animated GIF, which is a REALLY REALLY BIG FILE!

Thanks for reading!

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