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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Right Day

Yesterday, Saturday, you may have heard that I loaded up the vehicle with a cooler of diet sodas, with ICE, and drove on down to Mission Bay for a geocaching event celebrating the 15th anniversary of geocaching.  I got to the Bay a couple hours early, as is my wont, so I looked for some geocaches.  I didn't find five, and I did find one.  Then I went to the event site.  No one showed up.  Eventually I realized that the event takes place on Sunday, not Saturday.  So I went home.

I walked up to the railroad store after a few hours of rest'n'reading to purchase some track.

After talking to B. and M. that was pretty much my day!

Now Sunday, that went pretty well.  I bought more ice, then headed down to the Bay again.  While still two hours early, this time I found the caches I looked for, even two from yesterday.  Lots of activity in bay, here's some "crew" boats, I guess, heading under a bridge.

At the event I took this selfie to prove I was there.  This is about half of the group, including one of two dogs that attended. 

Hey, don't forget you can click the thumbnails (and these ARE "thumbnails", albeit really big thumbs!) to see the full version of the image!  Do it!!

I saw this Schneider Racing Cams sticker on a nearby sign.  Brings back the high school memories!

Also posted on Facebook

Here we have a camera (mine) taking a picture of a camera (the lady), while being photographed by a camera (the drone).  Which is being operated by one of the attendees.  I said loudly, "Please, somebody, stop me from running down to the store to buy that extremely cool device!"

One of the guys asked me to go with him to find a nearby cache.  I told him I didn't think it was there, as I couldn't find it yesterday.  But we walked over there and he looked around a bit, then I idly put my hand on the tree and there the dang thing was!!  It was not there yesterday, for sure!  It was a fresh log, too, so someone had stuck it there very recently.  Well, I signed the log then we took the log and container over to somewhere flat so the other guy could sign it.  The nearest flat spot was maybe a hundred yards away.  On the way back to replace the cache we saw another group approaching to look for it.  I greeted them, made some inane comment, then yelled, "Hey, LOOK, flying chickens!!!" to distract them while I replaced the cache.  Didn't work.

Later on I was talking to a fellow from North County.  We had a long talk about various books we had read, some which turned out to be by the same author, unbeknown to us. He has a very special cache up on Mt. Woodson that I'm going to make a point of visiting, although it's a maybe six  mile hike.

That is about all I can think of about the activities of the day.  Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Dad, that sounds like the time I went to a wedding on the wrong weekend. I got all dressed up and went, but no one was there. I had the dates mixed up in my head!

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