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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday It Is

What a curious day is has been today!

I was hoping to kill two birds by taking a book truck of textbooks along with me to lunch, the hope being I could catch the teachers who wanted the books before THEY went to lunch.  I had my sandwich in a bag sitting on the cart.  As I was maneuvering through the throngs of students a staff member came up to me and asked if that was my sandwich on the cart.  I looked, it was gone!  They said a student had grabbed it!  I declined to follow up on it, I just did not want to know who it was.  It would taint any future dealings I had with 'em, I'd have to do the paperwork, just forget about it.  I hope they enjoyed it, I made it with my own two hands.  I probably should have washed my hands before making it, though...

This afternoon I was shifting shelves, actually shifting the same shelves again, having not shifted them quite enough the first time, when I noticed...

Some slight visual exaggeration of the slant due to camera angle.  But the iPhone tells the truth.

How come I didn't notice the 2% slant the when I straightened that shelf earlier this week?

For comparison, Wikipedia says that a 1% or less grade is the norm on a mainline railroad, over a 2.2% grade would be extremely rare.

It may rain tonight, it certainly is a little chilly!

I see the they are at work on the bathroom next door.  I wonder if I am next?  I have heard nothing.

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