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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not Bike To Work Day

And neither is tomorrow, it's postponed till next week 'cause it is gonna rain tomorrow.  And when I came out of meeting today:

Back to Tuesday.  It didn't rain Tuesday.  I took a picture of a dandelion that a student left on the railing.

Then I grabbed a prism I had laying about and Mrs. B. helped me take this picture of a rainbow dandelion.

Back to today.  I've wondered what this is for, for many many years.  There are several of them mounted down this fence, connected by conduit, sometimes plastic conduit or pipe, and seemingly aligned with parking spaces.  The conduit feeds back to what used to be a functioning gate-opening mechanism, I think.  I guess that is a Type E conduit body.  Learn something every day!

Back to Tuesday.  The shelves are going up in the library.  Yes, you saw this on the FB.  The shelves are mostly up now, and being populated with books!

I was first to DNF a new geocache on the way home.

Bike To Work Day has been postponed to next week, or maybe the week after, I forget.

Have a dry one!

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