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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday In The Fog

Matt and I went geocaching at Palomar Mountain State Park today.  It was alternately foggy, drizzly, sunny, and then foggy again.  It was 46 degrees when we got there, got warmer and sunnier later, then cooler and foggy again.

This is kinda out of order.  It show me in a hollow burnt tree and finding a cache, while taking a humorous (?) selfie.

I rested for a bit at this spot while Matt went back to the car to put the parking pass on display.  There was already some sort of citation, but he cleared it up later with the ranger.  I bless whoever made these seats!

This is the weir building on the Weir Trail.  Don't know what it does, though.

Later on we went up the trail to the fire tower. The fog started coming back in!

Another photo, same spot, different crop.

Pretty red flowers, lots of them about.  Trumpet somethings (Scarlet Bugler - Penstemon centranthifolius).

Before the fog came in completely we had a view of the Pauma Valley below.

We've been to the top, found the geocache, and are headed back down. Matt is taking the flower's picture.  The fog has returned and visibility is very limited.  Driving down the mountain was very "interesting", I'm glad I was the passenger.

I had a bacon and cheese breakfast burrito for dinner, courtesy of Matt.  It was excellent, and I'm sure there were not all THAT many carbs in it.

Thanks for reading!

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Matt said...

The temperature I remember seeing as we arrived into the state park was 41. Maybe it was warmer in Doane Valley? I don't recall noticing the temperature there.

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