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Monday, May 25, 2015

Three Day Weekend

Saturday, after morning labs, I stopped by El Azteca for a breafast burrito, the first one I have ever purchased for myself, although not the first I have ever eaten.  It was breakfast AND dinner.

Sunday afternoon we headed downtown to look for some geocaches near Petco Park but it was very crowded.  I learned later that there was some sort of musical concert occurring that evening.  So we took ourselves out to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.  I had a rather big pain start up in my right rear shoulder when I got out of the vehicle.  It did not totally leave until I got home.  Very odd.  We found three geocaches, and didn't find one.  The one was near a ravine with large bushes from loud giggling and odd smokey smells were emitting.  We also saw a reasonably big snake crossing the trail, but it was not a rattle-type snake.  I don't think it was venomous, what else is around here?  I was joking that it was maybe a boomslang, 'cause I like saying boomslang, but I think it was a gopher snake.  Sorry, didn't get a picture of it.

Yet another in a series of incredible portraiture.  Is not the hair fantastic?  So wild, so free!

Boy, I don't look a thing like in the viewfinder!

This was on the camera roll, but I forget why.  But here it be, preserved for all posterity.

I watched some television last night.  I watched a charming Columbo episode, with Ruth Gordon as the guest murderer.  She is so great! 

I watched a movie titled "Hell's Horizon", about an aircrew during the Korea war.  It had the actor (Jerry Paris) who played Jerry the neighbor on Dick Van Dyke Show.  I looked him up and found he was in a lot of war movies, which I did not know.

I watched something this morning that made me weep so much, but I can't remember what it was.  Oh, I remember, it was "Follow That Dream", a movie with Elvis Presley.  It is maybe the only movie of his that I like,  I read the book before I saw the movie, in yet another instance of "Oh, I read that book!!".  The book was Pioneer, Go Home!  by Richard P. Powell.  I have also read I Take This Land and Don Quixote, U.S.A., a book that Woody Allen used parts of for his movie "Bananas".

That is about all I can think of, thanks for reading!


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