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Saturday, January 18, 2014


I don't remember if I have mentioned this, but I have been diligently collecting those plastic things from bread bags after seeing a movie or copy-pasta or something about a useful use for them, but I've quite forgotten what that useful use is. Or was.

FUN FACT: San Diego has 325.19 sq. miles, area-wise. That makes it #21 in the nation, area-wise, right behind St. Louis.  All according to Wikipedia.

I finally bestirred myself to go geocaching this afternoon.  But FIRST, I had to get the air in the tire up to a safe level.  I went to Discount Tire, 'cause they do it for FREE.  I find that the gas station devices do not work well for me.  And really, who wants to hassle with their stupid code numbers?  Are they REALLY losing that much money from people stealing air?  Rant rant rant!  Discount reminded me that I need new tires.  They quoted 750 bucks (including tax, installation, etc.) for the same tires I have, and somewhat less for another brand.  I do not think I have bought tires since the early 70s.  It's the same with haircuts.  Haven't been in a barber shop since the early 70s, too.  In one case I didn't have a particular car long enough to need new tires, and in the other my wife always cut my hair.

Ok, off to Tierrasanta once again.  I took a look at that cache in a tree.  Nope, that is not gonna happen.  Drove to another trailhead and headed out into the wilderness of Mission Trails Regional Park.

The Pictures
(The image files are up to 767K, even the thumbnails are 40K to 90K)

So here is the 52. Can you spot the geocache in the picture?

You can not only put a bird  ON it, you can put a bird IN it!

More of the 52, heading off to the west. That bump is Mt. Soledad/La Jolla.

Some one installed this bench.  A very nice view, but I didn't take a picture of it. I found that shovel under a bush. It is not a very good one, the folding mechanism is jammed. It's going in the truck, just in case we get snow.

So I keep trying to get a good shot of the view from this area, but they never quite turn out as purty as the real thing.  So, here we got Pt. Loma way out there to the right, and the buildings of New Town, and maybe you can make out the Mexican islands if you are looking at the full size image.

This little valley nicely frames what ever that is out there, I forget what. Possibly downtown San Diego. The foreground road is not the road I am on, although I have been down it before. It is just a little side road to some utility facility, probably a poop pump. I came down from that road in the upper left, and am  now heading up the hill out of the valley.

I found four caches today, and walked about 2.5 miles.

And that is about all I can think of!

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