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Saturday, January 25, 2014

At The Park

I went on down to Balboa Park this morning in order to once again look for a particular geocache that had remained elusive.  Armed with a new hint I went to the spot in question but was unable to search very long as a park visitor decided to plant themselves on a bench nearby.  So I headed down the street to another cache, which I didn't find. Then I headed down Park a bit, hung a left, and visited the area of yet another cache, which I DID find.

If not for the glare you would see the Navy hospital, or the olde Navy hospital, or at least some big building, back there.

I walked back up Park and met up with the bench-sitting fellow.  So the coast was clear!

I got back to the spot and took a good look.  Did not spot anything, so I whipped out the phone to take pictures of the rafters overhead where I could not see.  After taking a bunch of photos I was about to take one more when I spotted the cache.  I stuck the phone up on the rafter to mark the spot, as I have a habit of forgetting where it went.  I sat down on the bench (the one I had been standing on) to sign the log.  That was when two guys sat down nearby and proceeded to discuss photography for an hour.  I would have left with the cache and come back later, but, my PHONE was up there.  So I waited and waited and waited.  I took some pictures, too.  While waiting.

The rose bushes are leafing.

The pillbugs are pilling.

And the lizards are sunning themselves in the morning warmth.

Finally the two guys turned their back to me to take some pictures and I leapt atop the
bench, grabbed the phone, replaced the cache, and was off!

I walked around Balboa Park for a while looking for four more caches, but I did not find them.  I did see a group of people walking dogs that looked very much like greyhounds.

That is it for now

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Anonymous said...

So is that a potato bug, a sal bug, a pill bug or a roly poly?


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