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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mondaze (including Sundaze)

On Sunday I drove down to El Cajon for to visit the library, Home Depot, and a couple of geocaches.

Saw a nifty Royal Enfield motorcycle waiting in the left turn lane.  I tried to take a picture of it as he went by, but all I got was a car.  While I was fiddling with the camera this scooter fellow decided that the California lane-splitting law allows one to "take cuts" at stop lights.  This is a pet peeve off mine. In this instance I was quite startled when he zoomed by.  What if my foot had slipped off the brake?

This is him at the next light.

I stayed with him for the next couple of three miles as nearly every light was against him, until I turned off for the library.  It would seem that his cut-taking didn't pay off much.

I got Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis, at the library, then I went over by Gillespie Field where I didn't find a geocache.  But, I had a backup cache.  It was at the site of the demolished Santee School.  I had been there before, but not found a way around the No Trespassing signs. This time I had an idea.  Just walk past the baseball fields on the other side.  Easy-peazy, there was no fence or signs! And eventually I was able to find the cache, too!

At Home Depot I bought some sunflower seeds a box of Jiffy Pellets to plant them in.  I needed the assistance of an employee as I was unable to see the Jiffy display that was right next to the seed display...

For today, Monday, I went out to Rancho San Diego, Damon Lane County Park, to be precise.  I found the first cache (Cache #1) I looked for, which was down the street and around the corner from the park.  Took about ten seconds to spot.  Maybe five.

Cache #2 was one I had looked for before.  I looked for another hour today, plus a half-hour when I was leaving.  Not a clue...

Cache #3 was at the top of a rather steep hill.  That was one tricky hide, too, and inside there was a surprise.  A locked container with a whole bunch of keys to try and unlock it with.  I lucked out on the third key.

Here is a panorama I made, or rather the iPhone made, that is surprisingly not too large of a file size.

And for some reason I took individual pictures with the camera.  You can see "El Cap" in the distance.

And there, that is certainly something, but I don't know what.

I bet that peak out there has a name. That street certainly does. It is Wieghorst Way. Probably named after Olaf Wieghorst, the painter. Who emigrated from Denmark in 1918.

There is Cuyamaca College to the right.

And that, my friends, is Mt. Miguel.

And it was 80 degrees today.

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Deanne said...

Great pictures as always. Just got a new iPhone 5s so I'll have to try pics with the camera. Was going to take one of the sunset today but I forgot.

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