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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning: Opium Lords & Pancakes

I don't care for Mallomars.  Yes, I have eaten myself sick on them, back in  my youth, so it's not like I never have had them. They do have some kind of addicting substance to them.  Maybe it is that pseudo-chocolate covering (PCC).  My strategy was to freeze them.  Warm Mallomars are particularly disgusting.  Then bite off the marshmallow top and spit it into the trash can. I then scrap the PCC of the bottom cookie with my chipmunk teeth, then let the cookie dissolve in my mouth. Then repeat until nauseous.

 I had pancakes for breakfast this morning. It went well.

On Friday, at work, I made coffee forgetting to remove the tea bag from a previous cup of, uh, tea. I just thought you would be interested.

This is how you secure a lamp in earthquake-country!

I am full of hope that the bookcase won't fall over, though!

So far today I have made the pancakes, posted these images, and finished The Lord Of Opium, by Nancy Farmer.

But it is only 10 A.M.!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

You are getting really good at making pancakes. Not sure if I'd like your coffee though.

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