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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Nimimum Day

So I was talking to someone at work yesterday, asked them how they felt about the coaches in blackface uproar, did they feel offended?  No, they said. 

Today they said their daughter came home from high school yesterday 1 where the incident had been discussed in a class.  The teacher asked if any of the students were offended, and to stand up -- Only the daughter and another girl, both black, stood up.  Later, the daughter said to her mother, "But momma, the teacher didn't let me say I wasn't offended because I'm black.  I was offended because I'm half Jamaican.  There are white people in Jamaica, I'm offended they weren't being represented!"

I suggested maybe the other girl was half Jamaican, too.

DISCLAIMER:  I am quoting from memory here.


Just finished Al Capone Does My Homework.  I really enjoyed reading it.  I read the first in the series many years ago (2004).  I seem to have missed the second one, though.

I am now reading Member Of The Wedding.  Nicely written, but laborious to read in the paperback edition, the letters are so tiny!

1 Comma or no comma, that is the question.

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