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Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's A Sunny Sunday!

 The other day I took a pic of the new iPhone in its new iCase, at work.

And Friday I finally tossed the old  panniers.  They were seriously rotted through in parts, and the one I used the most, the left one, was just a tad faded from the sun.  I cut off the cinching cord and used it on my Tilly hat to secure it to my head, in place of the gaudy blue rope-ette I used before.

What did I do on Saturday?  I can't really remember, except I read a bit, then in the very late afternoon I went for a walk of a couple of miles, to check on a geocache someone was complaining about, and just to get out of the house.  Did not see anything particularly interesting.  It was getting dark by the time I got home.

I sent Saturday evening creating a geocaching PQ (Pocket Query), which is a way of getting the cache data transferred from one device or program to another.  My aim was to get it into the iPhone, so I could go a-caching with using paper or the GPSr.  AND, the iPhone would be offline, too, to simulate being in a place with no cell coverage.  Well, the PQ came up with 500 caches, which WAY too many.  Even so I dutifully loaded it into the iPhone, which took forever (because of images and maps) and probably sent the data usage WAY up. It look ok, as far as I could tell, when finished, but this morning (that would be Sunday Morning) while breaking fast I loaded the PQ into GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) so I could edit (down to 38 caches!) and load them into the GPSr (belt AND suspenders) and print out some lists and maps.

The iPhone was fairly useless with the cell and wifi turned off.  I don't know if it was too many caches or what, but it basically did nothing.  When communications were restored it was fine.  So I mostly used the GPSr today to find the eleven caches I did, and using the iPhone only to check previous logs and hints.

Most of the caches were interesting, cute, or clever.  I managed to find all of them in ten minutes or less, so they weren't super hard or anything.  Here's one:

I was about to call 911, then I realized that wasn't a human skull, and remembered the cache name, which had to do with evidence of space aliens. And that white thing is an empty snail shell, not an eyeball.

After caching I went to Lowe's, since I HAD parked in their lot all morning, and purchased a ceiling light fixture to replace the sparking one in the bedroom.  I also wandered around the store looking at stuff.  I had to wait in line a very long time, I thought, since there were only two cashiers working.

On the way home I saw this olde Ford being driven by an olde (older than me!) guy and his, presumably, wife.  This looks very like the Ford model in which Pete taught me how to drive stick.

I probably should have gone grocery shopping, but I didn't.

I opened the new light fixture box and ripped all the bags apart to get all the parts out.  Then I took off the old light figure glass and turned it on.  Huh, the sparking sound seems to come for the fluorescent bulb up there, not the wiring.  Wires look fine enough.  Put in a regular bulb, no sparky noises.  Put fluorescent bulb in a regular (vertical) lamp, no noises.  Problem solved!!  Except now I got a cheap ceiling light fixture I don't need.

And that pretty much brings us up to date!

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