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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday Morning In NTC

But first, I got this cookie yesterday, as a gift. I ate it.

I headed down to the NTC area to do a little geocaching.  I was a little surprised there were STILL a lot of people out, even though there wasn't any big running event going on.  There were still plenty of dog walkers, people walkers, and many little soccer players.

Jet on the rays of the rising sun. This pic was taken just after the one below.

I like this one more better. Plane taking off from Lindbergh Field.

I don't know what this is called, it's an inlet off of San Diego Bay (The BIG BAY, FYI!) east of NTC. Or, as it is now called, Liberty Station. The Mist..."The end of times has come. Not in flames, but in mist."

A boat coming out of the mist. What a relief, no tentacles!

This guy looks like he has one leg and a peg-leg, but I assure you it is just the camera angle.

At the U.S.S. Recruit.  Why am I puffing up my cheeks?

At Spanish Landing where they are building the San Salvador ship, a Spanish galleon sort-of-thing. Obviously, I do not have this "selfie" thing down yet.

I also walked around the old Camp Nimitz area of NTC where I saw a lot of interesting stuff  (Yes, that is a railroad tank car there) and took a couple of pictures--which magically disappeared from the iPhone!  On the other hand, where I expected only six or ten pictures, the ones above, there were around 118!  It has been suggested I was in "burst" mode.  I also got some nice pics of my shoes, but I am NOT posting those!

I managed to find five caches for today.

And then I drove all the way home on the freeway!

After lunch I sprayed the repainted gnomes with a matte protective spray and stuck them on the bird bath. I also remounted the copper pipe.  Added rocks, raised the plants up a bit.

Too much bucket showing, though!

That is enough for today!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Bird bath is super cute. Love the gnomes. The cookie was ALMOST too cute to eat. Oh yeah forgot last time---loved the saw!

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