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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Lurking Around

I got up early, but an hour later, to sneak around SDSU looking for geocaches.  Did not see very many people around. Maybe they were all up late working on their studies.

The first cache in the series (oh yeah, it was a series, by someone who works at SDSU.) was in full view of a dorm, but I found it pretty quickly, so I signed it and was away!  Like the wind!!

The next cache turned out to be under a stair, but the coordinates had me about fifty feet away. Previous logs gave me a clue as to where to look.  Thank goodness for the iPhone!

The third cache was on the roof of another parking structure.  A quick find, once I read in a previous log that it was on the roof.

The fourth cache was in a very pretty, and very short, shady little walk back in SDSU proper.

Cache five was in a parking lot almost down by the 8.  Bottom of the hill!  So I had to go way DOWN the stairs to that one.

On the way to number six I saw these/this Quonset hut(s).  Are these from World War Two?

Cache six was no where to be found. Several logs said they needed a lifeline to find it.  I have no lifeline, and so I didn't find it.  Saw these plants growing in a tree, though!

And closer...

Spotted this fake ivy while searching.  Yes, the odd green ones are plastic.

I saw a red-tail hawk, too.  Maybe even a pair, I'm not sure.

Afterwards I went to Walmart to look at their pathetic selection of cell phone accessories.  I bought a belt holster thingie that was on sale.  Also, a car USB charger.

Then I went to Albertson's for the weekly groceries, and my Rachel Ray Dinnerware stamps.

Then I came home and made pancakes for breakfast.

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