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Sunday, September 18, 2016

This Last Week, Picture-Wise

September 14, 2016

I was fairly disgusted my myself for all my slothfulness this day, not even getting out of bed until nine or ten, so in the afternoon I FORCED myself to go geocaching.  I went to Mother Miguel near Sweetwater Reservoir.  Here some panoramas at the peak.

Here you got your Otay Lakes to the left, Sweetwater Reservoir to the right, and distant view of the coast.

This continues the pan, with Mt.  Miguel (note antennas) which practically behind me, and them Otay Lakes, back where we started.

This one just shows the flags more better.

A regular ol' image of Sweetwater Lake, etc., viewing west, more or less.  Pt. Loma looks like it is way out there.

That looks like Cowles Mountain off to the right.

This one comes after the one after.  A helicopter going by.

That helicopter entering my field of vision.  Too bad it is so hazy today.

A bit farther along the trail is Rock House.  Whoops, apparently I am wrong, Rock House is the big pile of rocks with the flags.  This is  And Sweetwater Reservoir. Again.

I used my shiny umbrella today.  Not a heck of a view.  This is coming down the mountain.

Solid hike, I was pretty footsore.  The trails are poorly marked.  They are working on improving the trails, and want people to not go straight, but instead to use the switchbacks.  But a lot of the time it is hard to tell just where the switchbacks ARE!  As a first-timer I got a bit confused.  Sorry about that!

September 18, 2016

The current configuration of the bird bath.  It now drains mostly back into the reservoir when the pump started.  Have not seen the raccoon lately.

September 14, 2016

My daughter noticed that the pictures of the cookies are MUCH larger than the actual cookies, seen to left.  There is a tiny little disclaimer under the right-hand cook, though.

September 18, 2016

We went for a drive.  Here is my son-in-law looking at the view from the desert view on Laguna Mountain.

I spotted a tiny little Horned Lizard, what we called a Horny Toad back in the day.

I shot this sunset out the side window as we drove from Ramona past Mt. Woodson on the 67.

We found three geocaches along the way.  Someone had their first piece of Julian Apple Pie today

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