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Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Friday!

I posted these two on the FB yesterday.  I was given this orchid a year or two.  It grows, but this is the first time it has shown any sign of flowering again!

You would NOT believe how many times I took this shot to get one even THIS much in focus!

After my CT-scan this morning it was time to break my fast, so I ate this biscuit my daughter gave me.  Also drank more water.  To flush the kidneys.

Yup, it's in there somewhere.  A geocache!

My first stop after the scan was at REI to buy a new hat.  And here it is!  Also, some Harry Potter-type glasses!

At a previous cache I stumbled and fell on a trail.  I heard a loud CRACK!  I thought for a minute that my kneecap was broken.  There WAS an abrasion on the cap, but it didn't hurt.  I could stand just fine.  I continued on down the path.  There's a humorous story that took place here, but I'm too lazy to recount it again.  It concerns the enormous amount of water one drinks before and after a CT-scan, and being on a lonely path in the boonies, and how quietly bicyclists can be...

I didn't find the cache, either.

Later, at another cache, I bent the walking stick and discovered the crack.  Oh well, better than my kneecap!

I experienced rush hour in La Jolla and on the 8 today.  It was fairly unpleasant.  Remind me not to go out during rush hour again.

Thanks for reading!

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