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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Off to Oakoasis County Preserve this morning to pick up some geocaches I didn't get before.

Saw this flowers.  On FB I was told they were called Naked Ladies.

A view of San Vicente Reservoir

I was really really really pooped coming back, and I stopped to rest at least six times.  Here am I sitting on a bench.  Resting.

One of the trails was described as "rustic".   That's code for non-existent. I think.

Walked 4.17 miles.  I suspect most of it was uphill, I'm not sure how that works, though.

Got seven caches, did not find two.

Did not see any humans the entire time. No snakes, either.

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Matthew Fedder said...

You may or may not recall, but there were Amaryllis growing all over the place last year near Point Reyes.

We have some in the backyard here, planted by the previous occupant. But I think most didn't survive the summer, since an irrigation line was turned off after some damage was inflicted on it.

Anonymous said...

Grandma had a bunch of them, too. I can't remember if she called them pink ladies or naked ladies.

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