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Monday, September 12, 2016

Near The Jail

I went out this morning to visit the "doctor".   Before the appointment I walked over to the hospital area, but found the cell had no connection.  I was running out of time so I went to the appointment.  While in the waiting room (contrary to what I posted on the FB) I discovered the phone was on airplane mode...  After labs I walked over to the hospital to search for a geocache.  I spotted this jail behind the hospital.

I drove over to another spot to look for a cache I had not found before, but when I got there I found it a disabled.  I looked around (on the app) for another cache, and found a couple more across the freeway along a little path.  So I drove over there and found them.  Took this panorama of some antennas.

The medical visit went OK, and I didn't faint during labs, so that's all good.

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