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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Update Tuesday

When Windows is doing an update everything slows to a c---r---a---w---l, it is very frustrating.

Phil was in town for a few days.  One day we went up to Mt. Laguna to look around.  Found a geocache, but didn't find a couple more.

Saturday we went to Mission Beach, Fiesta Island, and Imperial Beach.  We had lunch at IB Street Tacos.  Here's a picture, but I ate most of the taco already so it looks quite the mess.  Pretty good, and neither too expensive nor too much to eat.  Just right!

Afterwards we drove down the "IB strand" to the south and parked.  Got out and looked around.  Here's a big panorama of the Tijuana River Estuary.

There were only four families at the beach!

After that we stopped by the tidal area on Hoover Ave. National City to check out the high tide.  Not a King tide, so no flooding today.

On Sunday Matt and I went up to the Laguna Mountain area, but first, second breakfast (for me!).  These signs struck me as odd, who can even see them except people already in the drive through lane?

Above the Kwaaymii Point road.  A great view of the desert below, here at the edge of the mountains.  It can get really REALLY windy here, but not today.

I learn about Julian Schist today, and here is an example.

Thanks for reading!

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