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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oh oh it is Wednesday

I forgot it was Wednesday and so missed out on a geocaching meet-up.  Instead I drove up to Laguna Mountain and did some geocaching.  Here I am in front of the 5,000 FT. elevation sign.  MOO!

I thought this was the location of a cache i couldn't find, and I took the picture to tell the Cache Owner about it.  Five minutes later I found the cache in a nearby location...

I stopped by the Kwaaymii Point to take a look for that cache that has avoided being found, by me at least, for quite the while.  With new information I found it in five minutes.  Staggering scenery is seen in this panorama.

Don't forget to click the pictures to see the full-size images!

I found 26 geocaches, I think, and Did Not Find one.  I started out at one end of the Sunrise Highway and ended at the other.

I talked with one fellow, on one particular road, that told how he had lost the keys to his other car along there when he had placed them (and his wallet) on the roof of the car when he was attacked by biting ants and had to take his pants off.  He was all the way home when he remembered, came and found his wallet, but not the keys.

Along the same road I spoke to a Border Patrol agent, and I even met another geocacher who was looking for the same cache I didn't find.  Quite the busy dirt road!

Well, thanks for reading!

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