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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Not Quite Wednesday

On Saturday morning, quite early, I went down to the estuary to find me some geocaches. This was a pretty part of the trail, quite open and easy to walk.

This cache was quite difficult to find.  The GPSr was off by a bit.  The previous two seekers had been unable to spot it.

This one was not too hard to spot, although I needed to use the camera so to do.

I was first DOWN THERE, and held the camera over my head, over the opening of the pipe, to take the previous picture.  Which showed me where the cache was.  But I wasn't going to straddle the pipe to get it, and I wasn't EVEN going to reach into a pipe that I couldn't see into.  Might be a snake in there!

So I got out of there and walked around and sat on the ledge, as you can see, and reached right over to pull it out.  Easy peasy!

This was pretty much the way of the return trail.  The sign may imply that horses are allowed on this trail, but I don't think any have been along here in a while.  Very overgrown!  Plus, SPIDERS like to hang their webs across the "trail"!!

This is looking out west, towards the ocean.  There a two somethings that look like ships out there, can't quite see them.

I zoomed in all the way.  Is that a ship or a bunch of bushes?  If a ship, is it REALLY inside the dunes on the estuary channel?

I had to hop over this green creek, but this is NOT the spot I did it!

I DID stand there on that muddy and slippery bank planning my move, then moved on to a narrower/more dry/less muddy spot.

On Monday I took this misleading selfie and posted it on Facebook. You may have seen it.

On Tuesday I took this rather more realistically proportioned one.

Thanks for reading!

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