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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Out And Out, Mostly On Garbage Day

On Friday, I think it was, I went over to the part of the McGinty Mountain Ecological Preserve on Willow Glen.  There is not any parking particularly near, so it was a bit of a walk to get there.  Also, very very warm.  Found several caches, including three letter boxes.  Got blue ink on my hands!

Map behind glass in the preserve kiosk.

We went to Fry's to look for a phone.  I saw this motorcycle from a manufacturer I never heard of.  Turns out to be Korean.  I wish the helmet wasn't covering up the model number!

Monday I went to drive the vehicle and discovered that I couldn't find the keys.  Well, I found them outside, in  a puddle, next to the vehicle.  Where they have been sitting for two days...

Tuesday (today) I went to McGinty Mountain for the first time.  This picture was at the only geocache I didn't find, of the few I looked for.  It reminded me, in retrospect, of the picture that come next in sequence, the mine below.  This is NOT a view from inside the mine, it's just looking into some rocks piled together to see what is there.  Pretend you saw the mine picture first, then this one.

One of several mines or excavations around the McGinty area.

One of two panoramas from the top of the hill.  The hill turned out to NOT be the peak of McGinty Mountain.  The peak is 1.5 miles farther along the trail...

This mostly looks over Jamul.  The mine entrance pictured above is on the right.

Panorama #2-- Mount Miguel to the left, Mt. Helix in the center, maybe Cowles behind that, and I-don't-know to the right.

I turned back after this because it was too hot, I was too tired, and I guess I'm too old!

It was several degrees over a hundred when I got home.  I took a shower and changed my clothes.

Thanks for reading!

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