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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Catch-Up Time

Ok, so the fabulous end-of-the-year ceremony was last week, and these two lovely ladies INSISTED on a picture with ME!

On Thursday, between engagements at the Ed. Cen., I walked around a bit, found a geocache, and took some pictures.  Here are a couple of old cars. The one on the left is one of them Pontiacs, the one on the right, I do not know.  There was a scimitar on the bumper but it didn't make it into the shot. It may refer to the owner being a member of the Al Bahr Shrine Antique Car group.

I am looking DOWN an empty bolt hole while the camera is looking UP.

The bolt holes are on the base for these signs.

Another empty bolt hole.  Don't worry, there were four very large bolts holding things together!

On Friday my glasses broke.  I went to the eye glass place after work and they found a pair of frames that fit the lenses.  Very lucky I was!

Here I am reading a book about a fabulous guy!

A pink dolphin, among other things.  Name the items you recognize.

Saturday we visited the Palomar Amateur Radio Club's Field Day site. Lots of interesting antennas to look at.  One fellow recognized my hat as a Tilley!  Afterwards we went to a few geocaches.  Matt spotted this.  We decided we didn't need it and left it for some lucky person.

A nameless but pretty little lake with a fisherman.

A Park'n'Grab geocache!

Ah, rats!  Well, rat.

I, for some reason, was amazed to see grapefruits growing on trees.  I do not know where I THOUGHT they came from.

Spotted this cache from  inside the vehicle as we drove up.

We found eighteen geocaches that day!

This morning I was walking around and remembered there used to be a big tree here.  Here's an image from 2007.

And here is an image from 2014.

I wonder what kind of tree it was?

I continued on to the library and checked out a couple of books.

Well, thanks for reading!

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