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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's Only Wednesday??

I picked up a splinter off a piece of plywood at work this morning.

The IT guy came out for a work order that another guy had come out on last week.  One ethernet jack that he said tested good on his, uh, tester, STILL won't show in the computer as working, and that same computer (AND cable) works fine at another jack.  I am sad I didn't have a computer available at the time he used his tester.  Especially since he asked about it...    

In the afternoon I had a two-hour battle with the lamination machine.  I THINK I got it working, but I am not sure what I did.

And I had to sort through a lot of stuff at home and make decisions on whether to toss or not.  A cassette of Tears For Fears?  Gone!  A cassette of the Dr. Demento show (on KMET) that I recorded   in 1972?  KEEP!

Saying goodbye to a bunch of people today (their last day) was sad.   It was very quiet in the afternoon, except for me cursing at the lamination machine.

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