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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh So Saturday

DISCLAIMER:  You may have seen some of these images on Facebook

I left work to go visit the O-doctor on Thursday.  As I as walking to the vehicle I noticed this powdered doughnut sitting on the asphalt.  The consensus on FB may have been that it was a very sad picture.

After the doc I stopped off for a geocache. The obligatory picture resulted.

It was pretty darn hot on Friday, 87 in the library, I think, and 94 outside.  It was 99 outside when I got home. No, the AC is still not working in the library...

Saturday was to be a little cooler, but I decided to go hiking/geocaching in the Otay River Valley just west of 805.

These panoramas were all taken from the south rim, I'm pretty sure.

This one shows what happens when you rotate the camera while taking a panorama.

This one goes from Pt. Loma in the middle left to Cowles Mt., and then possibly to Mt. Miguel on the right.

this is possibly the best view point, not only because you can sit down on the giant nuts and bolts at the Finney Interpretive Overlook. You can really zoom in on this one, it's a big image! So you can see Pt. Loma way out there in the distance!

It was warm in the canyon, but not too bad.  Climbing out of the valley to the Overlook ("hundreds of feet above the river.") was nice because the breezes picked up.  They did not help my sore and tired feet much, though.

I found nine geocaches today, but not the one at the Overlook. Looks like I walked 4.5 miles.  Felt like 5!!!

It was 94 degrees outside when I got home, but with the lower humidity it stayed cool enough inside.

No complaints!

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