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Monday, October 05, 2015

It's Another Monday, And A rainy One At That

Well, I love the rain so it was just a perfect day for me!  And the warm air coming out of the AC at work was very nice on a relatively cool day.  Chrissy said this morning that it was gonna be in the 90s later on in the week.

I've been looking for this cable for at least two weeks, and even bought a replacement (of lesser quality) from Office Depot, the only place I could find one.  Well, here is the original, sitting in a plastic bag, on my dresser, in plain sight.

I wasn't expecting much rain today, but we got a bit, enough to wet the ground around. This was taken as I was leaving.

My glorious banking institute, when asked when Firefox and Chrome would be fully functional interacting with their website, replied that they are working on it.  Sigh...

I just finished reading Courage & Defiance by Deborah Hopkinson.  It was pretty interesting, being about the Resistance in Denmark during World War II, but also being non-fiction it was a bit slow to read.  I guess I read too many action thrillers!

That is all for today!

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