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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Down To The Tidelands

Lots of pictures today!

I went down to the Sweetwater Marsh/National City Tidelands area to geocache.  Found nine, didn't find five.

Here are the pics!

Well, someone's love is eternal, at least until this rail is removed! Please notice how nicely ballasted the track is...

And where does it go?  Pretty much nowhere!

Dawn over the Sweetwater Marsh area.  That's the 5 freeway.

A big boat was docked.  It's a car carrier.  That ramp lowers, as we shall see, to load and unload cars.  All that orange on the ground is guys in their reflective safety vests waiting, I suppose to board and drive the cars down.

It's name is Tancred.

Here I am, taking it easy in Pepper Park, waiting for the ramp to lower.  I had to take this three times to get a good pic!

The ramp is starting to come down!

Closeup, almost down!

Wait a minute, should not this pic have been before the previous one?

Most of these shots are in order of when I took them, walking around the area.  This one is not.

I guess they need big tires and four wheel drive in Washington. All that rain, I suppose.

Oh, wait, there's no drive shaft to the front differential!!

Nice classic T Bird, early60s, with only a little rust just in front of the rear wheel well.  Well, it's always raining in Washington!

Hmmm, Washington plate on rear, California plate on the front.

OMG, it's a RAT!!

I like train tracks.  Disconnected switches, from the south.

Disconnected switches, from the north.

My favorite image from the set.  Rusty America, I call it!

This track is depressed.

More switches.  Or are they called turnouts?  I can't remember!

The marsh, looking south, from near the Best Western.  Small trestle to the center right, over which I will later walk.

No sooner said, then done!  Not as nicely ballasted as farther down the track.

Side view #1.

Side view #2.

This one is to remind me that the tie over the pilings is much wider that the rest.

Some of the ties are not in too good of shape.  Step carefully!

Obligatory birdies.  Possibly they are Avocets.  Probably not.

The End!

1 comment:

Deanne said...

Wow, your camera was busy today. Cool pics. I have a few of those rats scattered throughout the house for Halloween. Really liked the pictures of the marsh & the ties. Would be cool if those were Avocets. Our neighborhood is named after them.

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