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Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Bent

I noticed this conduit this afternoon.  Looks like the connector isn't quite screwed together all the way. The should have put a little bend in the pipe, because of the kick at the edge of the roof, so the pipe would go straight into the connector.

Closeup of the connector in question, taken from the other side, just to confuse you. I guess I COULD have reversed the image...

At the wall the conduit enters this LB Condulet.  I was taught to make two little bends (an offset) to get it in line with the connector in the opening.  The word "Condulet" is a trademark of the Cooper Crouse-Hinds company. I have no idea what the generic term is! (I looked it up, it's a conduit body!) And, I have no idea if that is one of their products.  We just called the various basic types LL, LB, and LR.

That's about all for today!

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