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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainy Weather

Yesterday it was supposed to rain, so I drove to work.  Around one it stated raining really hard, with hail.  Everyone ran outside to dance around in the rain.  I saw a very confused-looking bee, she seemed lost in all the big drops and hail!  We are the red area in the image below.

I picked up some of these erasers at the book faire last month.  They will make great swag for geocaches, I think.  That blue thing is a plunger.  They came in a assortment of plunger colors!

Yesterday's rain was just for a few minutes, so I felt bad about not biking.  The real reason I didn't bike was because I was reading the last Harry Potter book until 6:30 AM.  I had to see Harry's victory over Valdemort.  I finished the last chapter last night.  Finally!

Today, on the other hand, it was raining so hard on the way to work that I could barely see, what with the glare and the flare from traffic lights and headlights.  Very unsafe I am!

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