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Friday, April 07, 2017

Well, It's Been A Couple Of Weeks

It's been a while, and a lot has been going on.  Most of it, well, I've forgotten it.  I hope some of these pictures will remind of SOME of it, at least!

March 20th --  I went down to the Mission Bay area for a couple of geocaches before I went to the doctor.  Or maybe it was after.  I can't remember now!  Very pretty!  Who needs the desert flowers?

March 21st -- I went down to an area near the border with several geocaches. This panorama is looking pasting San Ysidro across the border into Mexico.

So I guess that is the border crossing down there.  And see that red building?  And the large Mexican flag? Both caught my eye.

Looking over towards Pt. Loma

A field of...two flowers.

I seem to be on the wrong side of the fence...

March 22nd -- Went up to the Cow Caches with Philip the geocacher. I saw my first cow here.  I've seen (and stepped in!) a lot of cow poop, but this was there first actual cow I've seen.  We saw a few more around the place later on. 

March 25th -- We went on a tour of gardens, and I took a picture of these pretty ones.  I looked them up, but I have forgotten what they were.

March 26th --  I took these pictures in my backyard.   These are Mexican Tulip Poppies that I grew from seed that I bought at the Native Plants Society sale.

Unless I've mixed up my seeds again...

March 27th -- I forget what this was for, but I guess I did about average.

March 27th -- I went over to the Silver Strand and found some caches, and didn't find some caches.  Saw some rabbits, too!

The only place I could find to park was at the state beach.  I figured four hours would be enough.  I didn't figure on forgetting my walking stick at one of the first caches.  I got back to the truck with minutes to spare.  Except the truck clock is off by a few minutes, and not in a good way.   No ticket, though!

March 29th -- I drove over to AZ again.  Along the way I stopped for a few caches.  The one at this location was on my list 'cause I just thought it was pretty neat.  I had read this, and then looked to see if there was a geocache at an accessible spot for me, and there is.  So I had to get it!

Just a selfie of me on the spot!

Pretty flowers along the one mile walk from where I parked.

When I got back to the truck I found I had a bunch of ticks crawling up my pants.  I sure hope I got them all!  I took off my clothes and tossed them in the back of the truck.  Then I put on new clothes.  I was very distressed.  Also, I was on the side of the road and quite a several cars and trucks went by!

March 30th -- A crop duster airplane kept circling around, I took way too many pictures, and a bit of video that may actually get edited and posted here. Someday...


Here are a couple of panoramas that, put together, show where I was staying, there in the RV.  Very nice!

March 31st -- Even Walmart has a great view!

This is from March of 1967.  This is the only picture I have ever found of my beloved long-haired coat that I bought with my own money and wore until too many seams finally burst.  I bought it in junior high, and I suspect my wife may have finally disposed of it, I don't remember any more.  This picture looks like it was taken on vacation somewhere, at some sort of big valley, or canyon, maybe.

That is it for March. The truck was still running at this point.  Stay tuned for April, and check back to see if I ever post those videos!

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