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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Out This Morning

Well, what do we have accumulated in the photo file?  It's starting to build up, so he

On Tuesday the 18 I went down to the river after doing labs.  I parked at the Y and walked along Friar's Road looking at the flowers, birds, and traffic, along with the workmen doing something to a bridge, looks like adding another track.

Here we see some birds in the San Diego River.

Several views of flowers along the sidewalk.

I had no less than two men pop out of the bushes on little trails.  One had a disagreeable pit bull type-of-dog.  Quite the growly thing.  Said man was kind enough to let his disagreeable dog crap on the sidewalk without picking it up.  Thank you, oh citizen!

Flowers everywhere!

Found a geocache at the end of the walk, then turned around and returned to the vehicle.

My gas gauge started working again, all on its own. What to think?

Today I took the bike to the Silver Strand and got me some caches.  I spent an hour looking for the one at this particular location, and an hour the previous time I was here (there?)!  This time I found it!

Here's a blast from the past that I discovered at my mother's, and she kindly let me have it.

Thanks for reading!

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