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Friday, April 07, 2017

April Fools

We continue with the narrative...

April 1st -- We went over to visit my brother.  We had a nice visit, then upon leaving I found that the truck would not fire up.  The wiring to the fuel pump inertia switch was kinda melty. And the switch just would not reset.  Zut alors! Now I'm in a fix!  And it is Saturday, you will remember, so there are no repair shops open tomorrow.  So much for returning home on Sunday!

April 2nd -- We got DOGS in the house!  This one doesn't care much for me.  A little grrrrr as I walk past her, and sometimes a big bark.  I DID get a doggy kiss once, when she was overcome by the excitement of riding in the car!

This little guy is pretty barky on first acquaintance,  but will quickly settle down to get petted. He likes carrots, but takes FOREVER to finally eat them up!

I remember this pitcher from my childhood.  I always thought it was from a market near where we lived.

But it is from Red Wing, Minnesota!  Yet another childhood mis-remembery!

It was REALLY REALLY windy this afternoon.  Seriously!  I made a VIDEO OF THE WIND BLOWING that will GO RIGHT HERE. Someday...

More dog pictures.  You love dog pictures, right?

Look at him there!  Look at the cat on floor!  Oblivious he is!

The dogs need a bath.  They're going for a dip!

Both of them.  One of them loves it, the other not so much. Can you guess which is who?

The obligatory picture of a boat speeding down the river. 

April 3rd (Monday) -- Today we got the truck towed to the mechanic, and he is gonna let us know.

We went grocery shopping.

I hear this building has been under construction for a long time.  A VERY long time! 

Found these out in the desert while we were looking at that building.  The boat is pretty down-for, but the shell is...not TOO bad.  Has mostly of its glass, too!  Too bad it seems to be for a longer bed than mine!

My new home is under construction.  What a view!  Wait, April Fools was last Saturday...

It was pretty WINDY this afternoon, TOO, and I made ANOTHER VIDEO that will GO RIGHT HERE. Someday...

We had stew for dinner, and it was really good.  Had wine in it!  My brother is a really good cook, and likes to try new things!

The mechanic called and said it started up for them, but the fuel pump was testing sub-optimally. So he is going to fix the wiring, and replace the fuel pump.  It's gonna cost some coin, as they say!

April 5th -- This is from a postcard (in my mother's prize-winning collection) extolling the virtues of living in the area.  Back in the day, probably the 60s or 70s.  The two motorcycles in front look like Hodakas, what with the chrome "toaster" gas tanks.  Hence my interest.

I got the truck back this afternoon, paid for it, and I'm gonna leave tomorrow.  I checked with the pharmacy that I had asked to get an "emergency" supply of meds (I did not plan on staying THIS long!), and they had not even called my home pharmacy yet (In 24 hours???), so I cancelled the request.

April 6th (Thursday) --Drove home, no problems.

This was pretty much the only traffic slow-down the whole trip!

Nothing in the news that I could find

Still burning! Yikes!

They should make a law about using cell phones while driving...

Ooops, I missed a license plate there!

Well, that's the big trip, and about all I can remember.

No, wait, I forgot (AGAIN!) about the bicycle!!!  On the trip on, on the 8 in the desert heading towards El Centro, there was a bicycle in the middle of the lane!   People were swerving to avoid it!  I stopped and waited for traffic to clear (there wasn't really much, it was early) and hauled the bike to the side of the freeway.  It was a Trek bike, not a terribly expensive one, and not too badly damaged.  I left it there, as it wasn't mine.  Maybe whoever lost it will come back and get it.  Or maybe not.

And THAT is all I can remember!

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