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Friday, April 14, 2017

A Few Days Worth

I walked over to the library the other day.  I noticed this smashed conduit at the gas station.  They probably ought to do something about that.

On a mostly sunny Sunday we did the six miles round-trip hike to the peak of Cuyamaca and back again.  It was pretty grueling.  My boots are a little too short, so going downhill my toes hit the end of the shoes and it gets real sore.  I developed Hiker's Ankles (heat rash) afterwards, but at least it doesn't itch

I took some of these pictures with the camera, and some on the phone.  The are posted, here, in order of file number, not chronologically, so that is why they are out of order.

Dead/possibly burnt tree on the peak. See, this is what I was talking about, it should come after all the walking up pictures!

On the peak after around three miles of walking up, with a whole lot of vertical gain.

A view of El Capitan reservoir from the peak.

Matt is taking a picture of something, possibly a bee.

These are probably the best view of the hike, hence all the pictures!

And yet another one!

As we proceeded up Lookout Fire Road I had to stop and take a picture of Stonewall Peak.

I would swear is no cache in there.  So, is it gone, or am I just looking in the wrong place again?

I think these turned out pretty darn good.  Stonewall Peak over there, and Cuyamaca Lake over there there.

This one might be even better, the other one shows all the bushes. Maybe I zoomed in a bit.  I don't remember!

This, after much effort, I discovered to NOT be the geocache I was looking for. That turned out to be across and down the road a bit.  But it was nearly as hard to get to as this was!!

View of El Capitan from down the mountain a bit.  Nice of someone to put a bench there!

I was trying to get some memorable picture here, but all I can see is my yellow fake teeth!

Self at the peak.

View of El Capitan reservoir to the west from Cuyamaca peak.

View of dead trees on Cuyamaca peak.

WhoEVER heard of mixing gobs of pepper with their ketchup?

Pattymelt.  The onion rings were too much for me.  At times I really miss my gall bladder!

A rat I caught in our yard last night!!

Yes, I know it's a possum, I let the baby go.

My gas gauge showing the gauge on empty and the "getting empty" light on, in spite of there being a full tank.

A little ORIGINAL CONTENT™ I came up with for the Facebook. Not much reaction, though.

In-N-Out Burger burgers are pretty good, but the fries have not been all that wonderful lately.  Below we see my fries (the full-size ones) compared to my host's fries.  Sad

And here we see what was left after I ate my full-size fries.  Black fries!  How wrong is that?

Thanks for reading!

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