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Monday, March 25, 2013

Out And About

I slept on the couch Saturday night after watching several episode of Fawlty Towers.  Woke up at 4:40 AM, decided to drive over to UCSD for to check out a special "night" geocache.  The idea is you use a flashlight to follow little TINY reflectors in the trees along the the trail.  There are WAY to few reflectors, IMHO.  After a 1/4 mile or so I ran out of reflectors, and ran out of dark, as the sun was rising.  Another time.  Snagged my back-up caches, though.

On the way home I decided to try for a newly published cache on Kwaay Paay trail.  A leisurely stroll put me on the spot.  First To Find! As I was tucking the logbook back into its plastic bag I heard a voice. "Oh, darn!"  He missed it by a minute!

Afternoon Matt and I decided to head out to Borrego Springs to check out the serpent.  Also, geocaches.

The sloth.  Or rather, sloths!

A mess of tortoises.

My personal favorite.

How disrespectful am I?

And there are many more.  We found four of the five caches we looked for.  I fell asleep twice on the trip, coming and going.

The End


Yasir Malik said...

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Deanne said...

WHOA!!! Those were cool!

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