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Friday, March 29, 2013

Up & Down & Out & About

Seven more geocache finds in the Sweetwater County Park area have put me at 1,702 finds.Only 298 till my next goal is met!

Took a laundry basket full with three drawers worth of clothes to the thrift store this afternoon.  It's a sad thing, but maybe someone can use them.  I got an absolutely charming hand-made card from the orchestra kids thanking me for the donation of C.'s violin.  I know she would be happy to know some student is able to use it!

A lot of the poppies are blooming, I'm sorry C. didn't get to see them

On another note, is it bad that I Google my relatives' names to see what they have been up too?  Isn't it great how the internet makes available the local police blotter?  I'm just glad my own transgression didn't make the 'net, although I WOULD like to see my booking photo!

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Deanne said...

Those poppies were really pretty. I'm glad that you're getting out and about. Looking forward to seeing you and M. next weekend!

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