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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Here We Go Again -- This Is Catch-Up For May

I can't even remember the details behind most of these pics, so I will just do a brief summary, mostly.

On May 15th I made frozen pizza and had it for dinner.  I took two pictures, one with flash, one without.

With flash:

Without flash:

Possibly I asked the folks on FB which picture they liked more.

On May 17th I had some kind of rant going about about One Minute Oatmeal.  I don't care for One Minute Oatmeal, I had discovered.  Too creamy.  The next time we went grocery shopping they had the good stuff.

May 18th -- Practically Perfect Parking.

May 19th I went geocaching.  This one was a previous DNF (Did Not Find) for me.  Someone found it later on, so I went back, and I spotted it this time.  Can you see it?

On the same quest I headed down some new trails, and this one was one that ALMOST got away. But, I persevered!!

There is a cache in there?  Yikes!!  And, there is a helicopter overhead watching me.  Fabulous!

And here we see the general area.  Yes, I went down there.  And, it was a warm day.  Very warm! That is Cowles Mt. in the distance, and Sweetwater Reservoir in the middle ground.

On May 19th I posted a picture of yet more tweezers that I have, and I STILL have not found my favorite ones that my Grandpapa gave me.

Also on May 19th, I wore my new boots for the first time.  As of June 8th I STILL have one boot to pull stickers from!!

May 21st at Otay Reservoir, with umbrella.  Very warm and sunny!

These two pics are of my dashboard, and were made to illustrate some humorous idea about putting a piece of tape over the "low gas" light so as not to be distracted by it.  As soon as I got a piece of tape the light went out and the gauge started working.  Well, for a couple of weeks it was working, now it has clunked out again.

A picture of loose conduit that I was going to post in an electrician's forum, but I never did.  I have started collecting pictures of electrical atrocities from that forum, though!

May 27th shows some sunflowers growing, but  not mine.  Mine are only 5.5 feet tall at this point, and starting to flower.

May 27th finds us on the Lakeside Linkage trail.  In Lakeside, no less.

Dated May 28th, this is just labeled "Not a panorama". Great.  Is it looking west or east?  I forget. It MUST go with the panorama below, both are the same date!

That ridge on the middle-left, that is where I was just the other day!

May 30th, this one says half of lunch.  I love cheese!

May 30th, the Mexican Tulip Poppies are in bloom.  Still!

May 31st finds me not too far from H street and the 805 in Chula Vista.

Same hill, different spot.

At some point I was trying to figure out some car thing having to do with this picture that someone posted on, and eventually I figured out that it is a Holden model EH, from the 60s.

I was looking up where a certain incident took place, and here it is.  I notice they have a "help wanted" sign in the window.  As if this was in real-time!

Well, that is it for May, if have any questions...


Matthew Fedder said...

Psst: The image links are going to the thumbnails too! :P

Matthew Fedder said...

Nevermind - maybe you already fixed it, and the version of the article in the RSS feed is just outdated?

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