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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Desert Flowers Are Blooming

We headed out to Borrego Springs to see the desert flower bloom, by the fortuitous way of Cuyamaca Lake. Which is pretty darn full, for the first time in years, that I can remember!

The island is actually an island!

 Here we have a ten meg file with  a panoramic view.  Don't click on the thumbnail if you are on di

 Panorama!  Ten Megs!  You have been WARNED!

Finally we are at some flowers.  Actually, this was the second place we stopped. It is probably along Henderson Canyon Road.  I should have taken notes...

Another GIANT panorama, showing what happens when someone is moving while one is panning...

 Another GIANT panorama!



And down the road a bit, even more flowers!

And so yellow!

This one is to show that there were lots of cars, but still room to park.  Other areas, though, there were LOTS of cars, no place to park, and dust dust dust from the dirt roads. So this was pretty nice.

I took these next two pictures near the dirt road at the end of Di Giorgio Road.

 This one is a Desert Evening Primrose. Or a Dune Evening Primrose. Or maybe something else entirely.  But I'm pretty sure it's a Primrose, at least! Of some sort!

This is purple. I'd guess it is a Verbena, maybe a Desert Sand Verbena?

These two are probably on someone's Facebook somewhere!  I think this was on DiGiorgio Road, heading back to town.

Without passing car...

Leaving Borrego on S22 we stopped at an overlook so my son could reply to someone on the repeater, and also to take some pictures of Lupines.  I took some pictures too!

These were all taken through the car window!

Which one looks better?

Gotta get closer!

OK, I took one of the same one.

And I took a whole BUNCH of this smaller one. This was the best.

There is a bit of a traffic jam at the junction of the S2 and the S22.  We are about ten cars back, waiting to turn left.

At Up The Hill Grill, where the sugar packs come in a Handy box (Item #3).

It was 90-odd degrees in Borrego today, warm, but low humidity, and not too breezy.  Except for the occasional dust devil!

That is it for today, thanks for reading!

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