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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Down South

CAUTION!  You may have seen some of these photos on Facebook!

You will remember that I broke my glasses a couple of weeks ago.  And that I got the lenses  mounted in a new frame.  I went back and got new glasses later, and here they are.  Blue frames, to match my eyes!

I went geocaching today in the Border Field/Tijuana River Estuary area this morning.  I stopped by one cache, one that I had not found at least two times previously.  I was distracted by this plastic flower for a minute, but then I went to the certain something I had spotted on approach, and there the cache was!  Total time to find: 2 minutes.  Add the time previously searcher: 1 hour, 2 minutes...

A furry toy animal makes an odd choice for an outdoors cache, but this one was in good shape, if a bit sun-bleached.

Are those the tracks of a snake right there in the middle?

A panorama showing the view west from one point, with Mexico off in the distance on the left, and Imperial Beach off in the distance to the right.

I can't remember why I took this picture, except maybe to show the jungle I was in at one cache.

A panorama showing the view from one GZ (ground zero), from the inside... Can you see the cache?

This picture shows the same are, mostly, from the outside. Can you see the cache? I can, NOW, since I know where it is!

I spent about an hour looking for that one!

I walked about 4.1 miles this morning.  My thigh was hurting a bit, I know not why.  It's OK now, though. 

I think I got a little sunburn, I REALLY should have brought my umbrella!

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