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Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Evening Roundup

Here is the dinner we had the other evening.

This is supposed to be a sunflower, my first to flower this year, but it looks a bit more scrawny than the others I have.  Maybe it's a different breed.

I managed to get myself out of bed this morning and went down south to Border Field/Tijuana River Estuary again for some caches.  I got one I wasn't able to get before, and without even using the TOTT that I purchased on the way for ten bucks at Auto Zone in Chula Vista.

Most of them hills are down in Mexico, and we are turning west as we rotate to the right.

I walked a pretty good way and found three caches.  One of them was a puzzle cache which I didn't even figure out (I THINK!) until I got home, but I DID find the container (based on  my incredible intellect and the rather useful hint. And brute force) and sign the log, so it counts!

Due to what I don't know, I seem to have managed to NOT get my Medicare Part B applied for at the proper exact time, so I don't have it.  So that means I can't get the supplemental, either. So I essentially don't have any medical coverage to speak of for at least a couple of months, for the first time in 39 years.  The people at Social Security tried to explain what the deal was, but I do not understand, and it obviously was not going to change, so... whatever.  Guess I'll have to reschedule my oncologist appointment for next week to another month.

Thanks for reading!

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