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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I was geocaching along El Tae Road  (Which might mean something vulgar in tagalog) when I realized that today (Sunday) might be my anniversary, so I Googled it and sure enough it was. After I got done geocaching, that is, made it back civilization, I drove out to Singing Hills.

I saw some deer there.  Not really, they are statues.

File size almost a meg!

Then I went over to  look at the turtles, and as I said on The FB, they looked back at me.

I was pretty tired when I got home, after all I had walked almost two (EDIT: 4.26) miles!  So I took a good long nap after I logged my geocache finds.  Or maybe before, I can't remember!

And speaking of, I am about pooped now, even though it is two days later!  Ta ta!

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