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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is It Friday Yet?

The accursed update to Yahoo! Mail is driving me bonkers.  I find it very unpleasant to use.

What have I been doing since my last post here?  Not much!  Work, reading, and much sleeping.

Here are some pics I took:

I built a turntable for to paint small objects, including gnomes.

I also made a lazy Susan for the television antenna.

I learned there is a trick to fastening the mechanism to the pieces of wood.  I had to watch a couple of videos to understand what to do.

I saw this vehicle at the Walmart with the oh-so-cute bicycle on top.  The trip to Walmart was useless, their selection of c-clamps is pathetically inadequate.  Although their selection of Dickies is amazing, and priced a bit less than Sears, which was twenty or so bucks off.  Did I mention I bought two pairs of Dickies at Sears the other day? No?  Well, I did, and a selection of sanding drums (with a mandrel) for the textbook edge-sanding project at work.

I stopped by the grocery today and bought two bags of salad (as Walmart doesn't carry it (the regular Walmart, I forgot about the grocery store one)), bacon bits (gotta have the sodium!), salsa, and cheese, please.

I am almost finished reading The Drowned Cities (by Paolo Bacigalupi), a dystopian YA novel, which was somewhat more disturbing than the first in the "series". I guess I shall have to talk the little sixth graders out of reading it so I won't have to field calls from parents complaining about screaming nightmares.  Although, really, it's not as bad as The Hunger Games in terms of numbers of dead kids per page. Don't get me wrong, though, I love the book!

We had an earthquake drill today, so I had to spend some time under the table with the kids, each one had their own table to huddle under.  I cautioned them to not get their hair stuck in the gum stuck on the bottom, and regaled them with tales of duck and cover drills with air raid siren accompaniment.  I do not think they believed me.]

Walked down to the rec during my lunch break to check on a geocache a couple of people couldn't find.  It's there, and I emailed them so.

I can't think of anything else I have done this week, so I shall close now.

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