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Friday, September 14, 2012

Hot As Heck, Just About!

While says it is between ninety-eight and a hundred degrees here in the beautiful San Carlos suburb of San Diego (Our Motto: We're Almost East County!!), my trusty Taylor Temprite says it is ninety-one degrees in the shade at four feet off the ground, and ninety-five degrees at ground level.  Oh, the time is around eleven AM.  It is around 28% humidity, depending on who you ask, and there is a small breeze blowing to make things a little more pleasant.  As long as you aren't moving and are in the shade!

It is up to about eighty-five in the library proper. All the ceiling fans are going.  I hear from my former librarian that at her new school, a few miles east of here, she is wearing a sweater because of the AC.  How cruel is that?


It is now noon...

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