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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

OMG It's Happened Again!

Falling WAY behind!  Here is the first sunflower of the year, it says.  I don't know, this was WAY back on June 9th!!

This is from a geocaching event in Balboa Park on June 10th.  Hey, it's Signal the Frog!

After the event I went for a couple of geocaches with what eventually became a group.  Here we are in Florida Canyon. I am bring up the rear, as usual!

June 16th -- Indiana Al?  I bought a heat gun so I can make new aglets (More about aglets at Ian's Shoelace Site). A word I can NOT spell correctly.

June 17th -- May daughter saw a raptor across the street.  I was zoomed in too far...

June 17th -- Raptor wingtip sticking up.

June 17th --  Some of my collection of meters.  The one is circled because I was recommending it to someone for quick checks of receptacles.

June 17th -- No, this wasn't TAKEN on June 17th, at least not of THIS year.  I was trying to make a point to someone about something something tanning.  I forget.  You should get on Facebook so you can get this stuff before I forget why I posted it!

June 17th -- Needs hair trimmed on pointed head.

June 18th -- On the "Buggy Trail" in the Oakzanita area near Green Valley Falls.  That is the Descanso Creek there.

June 18th -- View of Cuyamaca Mountain.  Hey, I've been up there!

June 18th -- Oakzanita peak.  We did not make it to the top.  Too hot, not enough water, and I was pooped!

June 19th -- At the zoo where the Emperor of Penguins was lecturing his subjects.

June 20th -- This crooked sunflower...Where did I go wrong?

June 21st -- I get suggestions on Facebook of stuff I might like.

June 21st -- I acquired this rock at a geocaching event.  It belongs to someone.  I need to remember to get it back to them.

June 27th -- Someone posted something on Facebook about bees and beekeeping.  I have a book, of course!

June 28th -- Drinking coffee at a geocaching event.

June 29th -- This quad antenna I made is going away soon.  Anybody want it?  Comes with a free Dolphin!

June 30th -- Possible icebergs across the Big Bay!  Seen on a bike ride with my cousin Bob.  Possibly I was hallucinating, though.

That is all for June!  After I rest up I shall tackle July!!

Thanks for reading!

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