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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

July -- Back On Track?

July 1st -- I missed a fabulous geocaching event this evening.  Here is one picture that someone took:

July 2nd -- My first spam e-mail of the new month!

July 2nd -- I forget how I ended up at this Facebook page, but I'm not even going to link to it.  You wanna visit it, Google it for your own weird self!  I DID check out the creator of that image, Robert Simmon.  It was very interesting, so there was that.

July 2nd -- I felt the need to post an image of all my flashlights.  I came up with this, labeled it, and THEN realized I have four more flashlights scattered around the premises.

July 2nd -- We went out to El Cajon for some geocaches and some frozen yogurt.  We did not get the yogurt, but I did get a picture of this curious sign.  In Google Streetview I found that the sign was not there last year, and figured out that one used to be able to walk down that sidewalk to El Cajon.  No More it seems.  Although I saw two people walking from that direction earlier...

July 2nd -- Sitting on a big rock waiting...

July 2nd -- So the Yogurt Mill had a line a mile long, as usual, and then a new cache popped up on Adams Ave., so we headed over there and got first to find x3.  We got some fish tacos down the street, then drove over to Washington and India to the Gelato Vero Caffe.  I got a small, 'cause, you know, I'm controlling my sugar intake... We went upstairs to consume the goodies, and enjoyed the view.

July 2nd -- My daughter took all these pictures of me.

July 2nd -- Gazing pensively to the outside.

July 2nd -- Vintage!

July 4th -- OK, I lay a cracker from this box on the front there, and you can CLEARLY see that the box image is NOT "enlarged to show detail"!!  Blatant misrepresentation!

Well, that is all I got for today!

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