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Monday, May 15, 2017

Up On The Mount

They are repaving the street today (and tomorrow!), so I headed up to the hills.  I went to the Laguna Mountain area.  No snow today, but very chilly and windy. With occasional drops of rain.  But not much.  I parked at a spot on the Sunrise Highway and headed up the connecting trail to the Pacific Coast Trail.  Did I mention how windy and cold it was?  It was!

I found nine geocaches, and walked 3.66 miles.  I had to backtrack from the last cache to the previous cache because I seem to have inadvertently marked the previous cache as "found" (with my big fat glove fingers!), and so just skipped it completely.

So here we are on the PCT looking off to the north. We're up in the clouds!!

A panorama I made at the very same spot, or nearly so. Still looking to the north-ish.

I forget what this is called, but it is at Foster Point and tells you which mountains you are looking at.
It was very very very windy here.  Super windy, you might say. That is the desert down there.

Getting near to the Storm Canyon Vista viewing platform I decided to take the obligatory selfie, with the desert in background.  The sky has cleared up a bit, and it is a bit warmer, and less windy.  Here, anyway!

I walked back to the vehicle along the Sunrise Highway.  There were not many cars, it being a weekday, which was good because there was not a whole lot of space on the side of the road.

I picked up a few caches on the way home.  In Alpine, if you can imagine.  One of the caches had the wrong coordinates on it.  I, not reading the previous logs, went to the listed coordinates, and not the ones that finders had posted.  I got my boots and socks FULL of stickers for my trouble!  The actual location was maybe almost a mile away.

Adventures in geocaching!

Thanks for reading!

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