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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What Month IS This?

Honestly, I can't keep track of what month it is!  I was surprised when it turned out to be November already!  Better get them October pics posted, and might as well do the November ones to date, also!

Hiking to road down to Descanso Pump #4

View from old highway 80 to the east.  Kinda drizzly!

Driving back on interstate 8, to the west.  Pt. Loma in the distance.

Still driving to the west, still Pt. Loma in the distance.

A boat full of muggles seen while geocaching on Harbor Island in San Diego bay.

Trying to get an artistic shot of an airliner taking off, at Pizza Port in OB.

Just potato soup he said.  Very yummy!

 Second to find at a puzzle geocache in Missing Valley...

Something is wrong here.  I cannot quite put my finger on it...

At the Antique Gas & Steam Museum in Vista.  A speed governor.

A Sno Cat!  Probably doesn't get a lot of use around here!

My question is, still, what are the two sparking plugs for on this diesel engine?

Well, I guess it's too late to elect Giant Meteor.  Sad.

Election Night 2016.

Pretty windy at Mt. Soledad today.

That's about all I got, thanks for reading!

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