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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Rest Of November

Yikes, it is December already!  I'll have to backdate this post!

This was Super Moon Sunday, November 13th.

Here we are looking west at the sun set.  I do not know why I posted two pictures that looked almost identical, so stop asking.

Also, you MAY have seen these on Facebook. If they look familiar.  Or if you are like me, you can't remember, and they look new.  It's a wonder.

Some islands to the south or so, in Mexico.

That Super Moon rising.

On the way to Monument Peak on November 15, 2016.  I took this, facing backwards on the trail, to note which way I had come.  So I don't get lost going back!

This was at a caching location on November 16th.  The hint was something about a tire. Or something.  Is this a tire?

Now, HERE'S a tire, about three hundred feet away.  Maybe someone finally put it in the trash area?

November 19th on Kwaay Paay, with Abel, who took the picture for me.  Two peaks down, three to go!

November 20th at a cemetery in Alpine.  Always interesting learning about these little-known locations and the pioneers buried there.

November 22nd on Mt. Soledad, after checking out a book at the library down in the village of La Jolla.

There's a cache on that ridge.  It was too scary for me to find.

Thanksgiving is November 24th, right?  Here is what I ate!

Is there pie under there?

At the tractor museum in Vista, with Phil, on November 25th.

Is this where the band got their name?

This giant apartment building/complex, of which this is only a small section, reminded me of my fascination, in my youth, with arcologies.

Looking towards El Capitan dam on November 26th.

Peacocks.  Wild?  Native?  I think not.

Starting to rain, passing runway 17 at Gillespie Field.

In Mast Park, Santee, on November 29th.  As I said on the FB, this does not bode well...

I am standing on a dam on a horse path in San Diego County Estates to get this crummy picture on November 30th.

The Stanley FatMax Extreme 35 foot tape measure extended to 12.5 feet.  Be amazed!

That is about all I got for this month, it is DONE!

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